Bentota Beach Hotel In Sri Lanka Maintains Eco-friendly Status As It Is Awarded Green Globe Re-certi

Givings its eco-friendly status a boost and polishing its image as a sustainable property, the Bentota Beach hotel has once again re-instated its stance as one of the greenest hotels in Sri Lanka after recently achieving Green Globe certification for the second time. The deluxe property, known for providing responsible and sustainable holidays in Sri Lanka’s beach resort of Bentota, for the past few years, the Bentota Beach Hotel has been innovating and working hard in the areas of social responsibility and operational efficiency.

The General Manager at Bentota Beach Hotel, Sanjeeva Perera, proudly talked about the hotel’s green efforts saying Bentota Beach Hotel actively pursues the Green Globe certificate in its efforts of becoming a true green resort,

Our achievement would not be possible without our staff members ongoing commitment to protect, preserve, and nurture the environment, and improve the eco-friendly operation of our resort. It gives us great pleasure to earn the prestigious Green Globe Re-Certification.


How You Can Improve Room Service Performance

When room service was introduced to the public, this was viewed as one of the most convenient features of a hotel or any type of lodging. There are some people though who are reluctant to avail of such service because there are additional charges that are added to their expenditures. However, if you show your customers that you only provide quality room service, there is no doubt that they will avail of this every time they stay at your hotel. So how do you improve room service performance?

The best method of enhancing room service performance is to monitor this regularly. If you have the data that you need, you will know where you are lacking and where you should improve on. Luxury and full service hotels always have room service provided for the guests. Most women who travel alone appreciate this kind of hotel feature and for your company, this can drive increasing profits while attracting more clients. Hotel room service can also support higher daily rates for the rooms. Many misinterpret room service as food delivery but the former is not only for serving food to the guests. It aims to make the customers feel special and comfortable while staying at the hotel. This may include services like professional servers, setting the table and even sell desserts for the guests.

One of the main goals of providing room service is to be able to offer this as fast as possible. Guests do not like to wait for their food, staff member or for any kind of help they require. Thus, they should be attended to immediately. Otherwise, they will most likely not return to the hotel. Aside from the response time, there are also other things that you should monitor to improve room service performance. Some companies choose to measure all the aspects that might affect the efficiency of their room service, making them more effective. This is particularly because they are able to perform a complete hotel performance appraisal.


What Do You Want In A Hotel

Visiting another city or taking a week-long vacation in another place? One of the first things we would worry about when on a trip or vacation would be where we will be staying. We start looking at the hotels in the area and wonder which of them would be the nicest to stay in for a couple of days. For many of us who have already traveled, we already have our preferences in hotels. There are also some things that we wish the hotels would have in order to make our stay more comfortable.

This is one of the problems in staying in hotels. There will always be something that we are not happy about. It may be that the room is too small for you, or that the bathroom is not clean enough, or maybe that the water is either too hot or too cold. If you were staying in a five-star hotel and have all the money to burn, these issues would probably not bother you. But generally, for people staying in ordinary hotels, we find ourselves wanting more comfort and more desirable services to make our stay worthwhile.

So what do we want in a hotel? What will make us want to come back and choose that specific hotel when we visit that city again? The top three factors are comfort, service, and accessibility.


Eat Up Top-notch Hotel Restaurants

Hotel dining gets a bad rap. On the one hand you’ve got smaller joints with warmed over American fare, so-so service, and maybe a fish plate that costs eighteen dollars and tastes vaguely of turpentine. On the other hand you’ve got luxury hotels touting well-known executive chefs who would sooner serve cheese with seafood than accept the fact that nine dollars for a bowl of minestrone is more than a bit outrageous.

And don’t even get me started on breakfast.

There seems to be this middle ground lacking, one where the hotel restaurant serves food that is delicious, does it with a smile, and at a price that won’t have the guests searching off premises. Believe it or not, the middle ground does exist. More and more, in fact, moderate/consumer level hotels are realizing that the modern traveler is taking value of features into account, features like business centers, gyms, and of course, the restaurant.