Mansarovar Hotel In Balotra Near Nakoda Jain Temple,polin City Balotra And Tilwara Fair +91 2988 223

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Hotel with Total 22 rooms with
Good accommodations, best price.
Colour tv, attached lat bathrooms, open terrace, a.c, coolers, double bed, single bed, four bed rooms, laundry , food delivery in rooms , car rental etc.
You will never feel you are out of your home, because we care for you.
Can be reached by bus and train
Directly connected from Delhi , jaipur , jodhpur, Hawrah etc
Balotra city is just 100 km from Jodhpur and Barmer.Its located in between Jodhpur and Barmer.
From Business point of view Balotra is a good place for cloth market. Having its most of the industries in dyeing and printing industries. Poplin is one product which is the main product here.
Enjoy TILWARA ANIMAL FAIR / MALLINATH FAIR / CHAITRI MELA / TILWARA CATTLE FAIR just 15 KM . This is a very good fair and a delight to watch the horse race, local people, horses,camels. Dont miss this fair.
Visit famous NAKODA TEMPLE just 15 KM
One of the biggest cattle fairs of Rajasthan, Mallinath Fair is just the right place to visit to look out for highly popular breeds of cattle such as cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses. People from as far as Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh come here in the hope of finding a good deal. It is said that the fair originated from the transactions that took place when admirers of Rawal Mallinath, a popular local hero, gathered in Tilwara, riding on well-bred animals to meet him. There is a shrine of Mallinath ji where people pray and believe that their wishes would be granted. After their wishes are fulfilled, it is customary to offer miniature horses as a token of thanks to the shrine. One can see wood, brass and bronze horses being sold by the traders who come from Mathura, Agra and Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. There are other shops selling general merchandise, fodder and agricultural tools.

The fair opens with the hoisting of the flag of Rawal Mallinathji and the songs praising his valor and greatness. The fair features bullock, camel and horse races and thoroughly bred animals, who compete against each other on the dry river bed. The animals who win are crowned with white badges and are sold for higher prices at the fair.

Tilwara is a village in Pachpadra tehsil of Barmer district of Rajasthan state in India.Tilwara is situated on Luni river and is a railway station on Jodhpur-Balotra route. The village is famous for Mallinath Fair held in March/April every year. Also called Tilwara cattle fair it lasts for two weeks. [1].Tilwara is also an archeological site from where evidence for the Mesolithic culture have been excavated.[2]
Coordinates: 2552N 7205E / 25.867N 72.083E


Hotel Management Courses At Manipal University Jaipur

Manipal University Jaipur, the 5th university of Manipal group is headquartered at Dehmi Kalan Village, Tehsil Sanganer, Jaipur District. The University offers courses in different disciplines like Engineering, Medical, Hospitality, Allied Health, Management, Communication and Jewellery Management.
One of the courses that are highly in demand in Manipal University Jaipur is hotel management. Being a cardinal part of hospitality industry, hotel management course has enormous career opportunities. The requirement for trained professionals is huge since the hotel chain owners are opening new hotels in every big city inside and outside the country. This makes hotel management industry truly global.
Even though this profession has huge opportunities, hotel management requires professionals with pleasing personality and they should remain cool even in worst and challenging situations. If you are an aspirant looking for a career in hotel management, you should have strong communication skills, reasoning skills, numerical aptitude and most importantly pleasing personality.
Hotel Management can include hotel & restaurant management, cruise ship hotel management, hospital administration and catering, hotel and tourism associations, airline catering and cabin services, club management, forest lodges and guest houses.
Hotel industry is likely to flourish in next couple of years due to the development of global travel industry and aviation industry. A Bachelor degree in hotel management is a right step as there are multiple job profiles for talented management professionals who can show their capabilities and caliber.
Hotel industry is offering jobs as chefs, front office executives, guest relations officers, general managers, resident managers, executive housekeepers and convention services managers.
In the present scenario the number of people working in hotel, catering and allied industry in India exceeds 2.40 million and is expected to increase drastically in the coming years because of the growth of hotel industry in urban and semi-urban areas. Since hotels are not willing to invest in training of employees, trained hotel management professionals would be preferred over untrained graduates.

The hospitality industry has grown in leaps and bounds, with the mushrooming of hotels catering to holidaymakers as well as business travelers.

This presents a host of opportunities for Chefs, Front Office Executives, Guest Relations Officers and other posts. If you love entertaining, have great people skills and thrive on high energy, then a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management is the one for you. Learn how to cook up an array of dishes, or how to manage and execute memorable events. The course has excellent career prospects.
The 4-year BHM course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. The demand for hotel management as a professional course is growing in the country. The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater in comparison to others. Hotel management courses include varied aspects of learning, both theoretical and practical. This field is not limited within the country, but has already extended to internationally operated chains of hotels. The result is increase in the demand of well-trained quality professionals who can manage the hotel business.

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Visiting Chicago through Chicago Hotel Deals

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Economical Chicago Hotel Deals

Hotel accommodation is one aspect of a vacation that usually takes up a big part of your budget. For this reason, it would really be helpful if you could find some cheap Chicago hotel deals for your vacation to the fantastic Windy City. Some of the reasonably priced deals have been mentioned below for your Chicago trip. The Holiday Inn Chicago Hillside Hotel offers rooms at the nightly rate of $76. 79. If you plan to stay in this hotel, you can view the Millennium Park and Brookfield Zoo at anytime, which is situated just at a distance of 13 miles and 5 miles from the hotel, respectively. One of the other deals is by the Travelodge Chicago which is nestled in the South Loop and the offer is for $59 only. Because of its wonderful location, you could easily go to the popular tourist attractions such as the McCormick Place, Navy Pier, Grant Park, Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. Considering the low and comfortable rates of the above deals, you can certainly have a great trip in Chicago and can have a memorable time by not pressurizing on your budget.


Perth’s Best Bars – Leederville Hotel – Review

On a Wednesday night in Perth, the Leederville’s name is blasted all over Facebook, text messages and any other form of communication Generation Y uses. It is the happening place. However, this depends on who you are. The Leederville on a Wednesday tends to attract a very young and wild crowd, this is fine if that is what you are into, but can be overwhelming and a massive eye opener to what is out there if you’re not. So I took it upon myself to investigate the people in which this place attracts on a Saturday night. They couldn’t be more different.

They are still a predominantly young crowd, but a definitely less wild one. The Leederville on a Saturday lives up to its label of a hotel, instead of crazy nightclub. The crowd is calm, I never locked eyes with someone I wish I hadn’t, which is a common occurrence on a Wednesday night and I actually enjoyed myself. Why head to Leederville on a Saturday if it is a Wednesday favourite? Drink prices. Young people can’t afford the standard drink prices, but at the Leederville the standard is abolished. The prices of shots, mixers, beers, and any served alcohol really are considerably lower.

The Leederville therefore becomes a popular place to start your night. The dress code is really relaxed, most shoes for men are excepted as long as they are closed in, and for t-shirts it is the same. Girls are welcome to wear any footwear from strappy sandals to boots.